Tuesday 22 July 2014

Thank You

As I sit in a car on the 401 heading to Toronto to look at Universities, I figured that I could make a quick blog post back on my old blog. 

Just a few minutes ago, my video interviewing Sens prospects was released. One year ago around this time, I could have never imagined this.

This is the reason of this post - to thank everyone. This could have never been possible without so many people, including you.

Driving to Canadian Tire Centre a few weeks back with fellow BonksMullet.com writer Luke Peristy, I mentioned that it's ridiculous how funny life has been the last year. Last summer, we were both hovering around 100 followers on Twitter. He was starting to write Fan Posts for Silver Seven Sens and I would soon create this blog. One year later, we were invited by the Sens to interview players.

So thank you to Chet (@chet_sellers), Eric (@BonksMullet), Chris (@Brochenski), Gainsy (@CapitalGains65), Kevin (@BringBackLee) and of course Luke (@LukePeristy). Besides the Bonk's Mullet team, there are so many great people who I would have never met if it weren't for the blogger community.

I'm not sure where I'm really going with this but I'm just very grateful for how things have turned out for me. I'm pretty lucky.

The 2nd Cape Avatar should be up later tonight!


- Steve (On Sens)

Monday 27 January 2014

I've moved!

Thanks for supporting Steve On Sens! My Game Previews and Joe Corvo jokes have moved to BonksMullet.com

  - Steve

Monday 20 January 2014

From Trojan to SENS - A History of Ottawa Senators Jerseys

  Since the dawn of time (also known as 1992), the Ottawa Senators have used many different jerseys. From the original "Bring Back the Senators" Parliament jerseys to the new Heritage Classic Jerseys, the Senators have changed uniforms on countless occasions. Some changes have been for the better and some have been much for the worse. Let's head on back to the late 1980s (when Steve On Sens was just a blooming idea) and see what was happening in Ottawa!

The "Bring Back the Senators' Campaign Jersey (1989-1991)

As the City of Ottawa pushed to get its first NHL franchise in 58 years, a jersey was unveiled. The jersey came in black and white and featured striping on the arms and a Peace Tower accompanied by text reading "Ottawa Senators". The jersey was never used in a game which sparked widespread anger. Many fans believed that the jerseys were just a way of taking money from fans before unveiling the trojan logo. ''It was a scam,'' said Dean Vasilas, 25, who has Senators season tickets. ''We're being used. We're proud we got the team, and every time we turn around they always get more money out of our pockets.'' (Ottawa Citizen, May 18/ 1991). The jersey is now a collector's item along with Dominik Hasek Senators playoff games, Matt Kassian assists and John Muckler successful draft picks. 

Notable Players: Frank Finnigan

The Early Years (1992-1995)

Trojan 1.0 (1992-1993)

As the first Senators team took to the ice, they entered wearing white and black jerseys featuring a Senturion logo, red striping and red numbers on the black jersey. Many people hated the idea of these jerseys (see Bring Back the Senators jersey) and believed that it looked like a US football team logo or that it should be the logo for Trojan condoms. These jerseys lasted for only 1 year until Trojan 1.1 was released the next year.

Notable Players: Brad Marsh, Neil Brady, Norm Maciver, Peter Sidorkiewicz
Notable Coaches: Rick Bowness
Fun Stats: 11 wins, Road losing streak of 38, 1 road win

Trojan 1.1 (1993-1995)

After the above average 1992/93 season, the Senators continued their successes in 1993/94 improving with 14 wins and limiting their losses to a meagre 61. The Senators also introduced a brand new jersey by changing the numbering on the black jersey to white with red trim. The city of Ottawa rejoiced and a party at City Hall ensued (which led to the 1993 Ottawa Jersey Riots which were caused by radicals who didn't even like the Sens). The Senators shocked the hockey world by keeping with this jersey set all the way until 1995. Good stuff!

Notable Players: Alexandre Daigle, Alexei Yashin, Stanislav Neckar 
Notable Coaches: Rick Bowness
Fun Stats: First shutout in Senators history (Don Beaupre, 1994)

No Longer 1st Overall Pick (1995-2000)

Trojan 2.0 (1995-1997)

With a new hope, dreams, players and a new coach, the Ottawa Senators took to the ice for the 1995/96 season clinging to the hope that they could emerge from bottom of the league. That dream was not realized. The Senators finished dead last in the league. The next year, the Senators faced a far different outcome. During the final game of the season the Senators faced the Buffalo Sabres. If the Senators won, a playoff spot would be clinched. With time winding down, Steve Duschesne took a feed from Alexei Yashin and buried the puck past Dominik Hasek (who then later made a playoff appearance at the Palladium and then decided not to 9 years later). The Sens would introduce a third jersey the next year to the dismay of many.

Notable Players: Daniel Alfredsson, Alexei Yashin, Ron Tugnutt, Damian Rhodes
Notable Coaches: Rick Bowness, Jacques Martin
Fun Stats: I like to believe that I was named after Steve Duschesne.

Trojan 2.5 (1997-1999)

After the Senators success in 1997, the team decided that it would introduce abstract art to a small government town. Yes, the Senators introduced its first third jersey - the red one. The Senators responded with their first season over .500 (yes...somehow they made the playoffs in 96/97 with a below .500 record). This red jersey sparked the team's strange obsession with the colour red for years to come. Also the original 2D crest loses the "Ottawa Senators" lettering replacing it with strange arrows that are apparently called "laurel leaves". This decision was made because the French speaking fan base found it offensive that it did not say Sénateurs d'Ottawa.

Notable Players: Daniel Alfredsson, Chris Phillips, Wade Redden, Ron Tugnutt
Notable Coaches: Jacques Martin
Fun Stats: Jacques Martin won the Jack Adams trophy in 1998/99 proving that boring hockey is fun!

Trojan 2.51 (1999-2000)

For the 1999/2000 season, the Senators removed their black jersey and replaced it with the red 3rd jersey. The 1999/2000 season also marked the first Battle of Ontario which of course resulted in a 1st round defeat. This dynamic duo of jerseys lasted only one year before the Senators introduced the other black (no not the SENS jersey...the one before that one...ya! that one) jersey.

Notable Players: Radek Bonk, Daniel Alfredsson, Marian Hossa, Patrick Lalime
Notable Coaches: Jacques Martin
Fun Stats: Radek Bonk (in his post-Mullet days) contributed a team best 60 assists in 99/00.

Trojan 3.0 (2000-2007)

The Senators introduced their second 3rd jersey in 2000. The jersey was black, featured the strange 3D logo that first appeared on the red jersey and had gold striping with arrows on it. This set of jerseys lasted the longest in Senators history spanning from the early days of the Battle of Ontario to the Stanley Cup Final. Fans may remember these jerseys as the "ones we had when we got swept by the Leafs", "the one that Lalime was wearing when he let those Nieuwendyk shots in", "the red beauty that Brian Lee got drafted in" and "that white one when Phillips scored on his own net". After the dust settled following the firing of John Muckler, the disappearance of Mike Comrie (for the first time) and the destruction of Wade Redden's career, the Trojan 3.0 set vanished from the Sens jersey set paving the way for Trojan 4.0!

Notable Players: Daniel Alfredsson, Patrick Lalime, Mike Fisher, Wade Redden, Chris Neil, Dominik Hasek, Jason Spezza, Dany Heatley, Joe Corvo
Notable Coaches: Jacques Martin, Bryan Murray
Fun Stats: The Senators blew a 4-0 lead to the Leafs (a game that a young Steve On Sens attended...which led to a deep and everlasting hatred of Trevor Kidd) before falling 5-4 in OT. 

Post Cup Final (2007-2011)

Trojan 4.0/ The Edge (2007-2008)

The previous jersey set was scrapped in 2007 after Reebok decided that muted colours on tight fitting sports jerseys was a good idea. The original 2D logo and 3D logo were replaced by another 3D logo that resembled Chris Neil. This new logo differed from previous logos because he looked like he could confront you in a bar if you brushed arms with his girlfriend instead of just scowling in the corner like previous logos. During the first year of Reebok Edge, no teams including the Senators had 3rd jerseys. This all changed the next year when the Sens introduced the SENS jersey. 

Notable Players: Christoph Schubert, Nick Foligno, Mike Commodore, Martin Gerber
Notable Coaches: John Paddock, Bryan Murray
Fun Stats: After a strong start to the season, the Senators went 4-7-2 in February before finishing 7th in the Eastern Conference. The season ended after a 4-0 sweep to the Pittsburgh Penguins which featured the infamous "Sens Gladiator" intro.

SENS (2008-2011)

To mark the successes of the 2008/09 season, the Senators released the equally successful SENS jersey. The jersey is basically what it sounds like - a jersey that has 'SENS' written right across it. Although many claim that this could potentially be the worst jersey set in NHL history, it inspired my concept for the Heritage Classic (which was almost selected but Cyril Leeder said no at the last second).  
This image has been posted to this blog too many times.
Notable Players: Ryan Shannon, Filip Kuba, Brian Lee, Dany Heatley, Alex Auld, Pascal Leclaire
Notable Coaches: Craig Hartsburg, Cory Clouston
Fun Stats: Peter Regin had a +/- of +10 in 2009/10. If only I could find his Corsi.

Rebuild/ The Rise of Erik Condra (2011-Present)
As the Ottawa Senators celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2011/2012, they unveiled the Heritage Jersey (which was inspired by a hockey team that existed far longer than 20 years ago). The Senators revealed arguably their best jersey yet and undoubtedly their best jersey since 1999. To prove how good these jerseys really were, the Senators lost 7-1 against the Colorado Avalanche in the jerseys' debut. Similar to the SENS jersey, the Heritage Jersey also inspired a Heritage Classic Jersey concept (only difference is that this one was not rejected last minute by Cyril Leeder). 

Notable Players: Daniel Alfredsson, Erik Karlsson, Kyle Turris, Mika Zibanejad, Craig Anderson
Notable Coaches: Paul MacLean
Fun Stats: Although he had an excellent season, Kaspars "Daug Man" Daugavins was placed on Waivers and was picked up by the Boston Bruins.

Heritage Classic (2014)

To mark the 2014 Heritage Classic, the Senators introduced the Heritage Classic jersey which was essentially a reverse of the Heritage Jersey. Like many previous Sens jerseys, it will (pending potential trade to Carolina) be worn by Joe Corvo. 

Notable Players: Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza, Bobby Ryan, Kyle Turris, Clarke MacArthur
Notable Coaches: Paul MacLean
Fun Stats: There are 2 blonde kids that wear Heritage Classic jerseys that are always seen on Sportsnet after a Sens goal. Somehow this qualified as a stat.

Thanks for reading!

  Steve (on Sens)

Tuesday 14 January 2014

Senators at Wild: Steve On Sens Preview

The Ottawa Senators enter the Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota riding a hot streak. No, the team has not signed former handsome goaltender Pascal Leclaire. The Sens have recorded 11 out of a possible 12 points in their last 6 games. With wins against Boston, Washington, Winnipeg and Nashville and an overtime loss to Colorado, Paul MacLean's Senators seem to have finally found their groove. The last time Ottawa lost was a 5-0 loss on December 27th to Boston. In a completely unrelated note, the December 27th 5-0 loss to the bruins was the last time I did a Game Preview. Completely unrelated. The Senators are hoping to end their horrible record of unsuccess against wearer of large visors - Dany Heatley (and also former Senators Left Wing but who remembers that?).  Let's look at the Starting Goaltenders...who are brought to you by SensTown.com!

Confused by the bottom part of this front page...classic Donny B!

Starting Goaltenders

Ottawa: Robin Lehner (5-9-3, 2.68 GAA, .922 SV%)
Minnesota: Darcy Kuemper (2-1-0, 2.28 GAA, .911 SV%)

Robin Lehner steps back into the Senators net for the first time since allowing 5 goals on 42 shots against Boston (and since my last game preview). Anderson has been hot but Paul MacLean is looking to give him a night off letting Lehner slide into the net. MacLean was quoted saying "We just don't feel like we can leave him sitting there longer and longer and longer and not get to play, otherwise we'll never play him" which is like saying "he isn't good but our good goalie is getting tired so I guess he'll play". Needless to say, Lehner faces a huge challenge against the strong Wild who have had their fair share of goaltending success.

Darcy Kuemper looks to continue his recent success after coming off of a 4-0 win against the Nashville Predators. Kuemper has looked strong and has only allowed 1 goal on 62 shots since arriving in Minnesota. Some may call this a hot goaltender (see Alex Auld), some may say luck, some may say he is a young version of Mike Brodeur and some may say that he will simply be this good. The Senators have their work cut out for them against Kuemper and the Wild.

Keys To The Game

  • Limit shots
  • Cooke n' Heater effect
  • MacArthur
  • Get into game quickly after Matt Kassian commemoration video
  • Strong goaltending
  • Generate offense
  • Limit Ottawa scoring chances
  • Do other generic things to win

Steve's Picks

  • Final score of 3-2 for Ottawa
  • 7 fist pumps after I finally her the voice of Denis
  • Sportsnet panel consisting of debate about Heatley's 2003 All-Star performance
  • John Shannon talks about Melnyk's forensic investigation
  • Greening scores
Muckler and Heatley - a dynamic duo

I really hope Ottawa wins so I don't establish a Steve On Sens Game Preview Curse on the Sens. 

Thanks for reading!

Saturday 11 January 2014

Corvo, Cassie Campbell and Country Music: Senators at Nashville Game Summary

Tonight the Sens faced off against the Nashville Predators. An accurate description of this game would be "Sens vs. Nashville". The game featured long moments of sloppy play from both teams and extended periods of neutral zone play. Although it wasn't the most exciting of games, it was still a dangerous roller coaster of emotions that resulted in a Senators win. If you like reliving near death experiences and the thrill of adrenaline, then this game summary is perfect for you.

Denis: "Hey Mike, don't you think I'm better than Cassie Campbell?"
Bossy: "your a specialist?"

20:00 - I hear the familiar voice of Dean Brown. I become happy as I await the friendly greeting from Denis Potvin. I remember that this is a CBC game. I become sad.

19:35 - Cassie Campbell says something that makes zero sense. She will be my Potvin tonight.

Sometime in 1st period - CBC Scoreboard displays 4:36 left in period.
Shortly after - CBC Scoreboard displays 15:24 left in period.

10:30 - Joe Corvo draws hilarious tripping penalty.

8:15 - Joe Corvo trips Viktor Stalberg on breakaway. Penalty shot. Save made by Anderson. Guy wearing black SENS jersey in lower bowl at Bridgestone Arena raises arms in celebration.

5:47 - I realize that there is an advertisement for dog food on the ice.

0:06 - Cory Conacher gets punched in face.


At least Conacher wasn't punched by this guy


  • I am fooled once again after I think Coach's Corner will start but there's actually another commercial before.
  • "Bing Bing Zinger!" 
  • "y'know you've gotta remember he's from Kingston 6 foot 5"
  • Cherry mocks CBC's upcoming segment, complains about time and says something about Sportsnet being better.


17:35 - Mika Zibanejad takes tripping penalty.
17:25 - Predators announcer announces penalty which features part where crowd yells "POWERPLAY!". Reminds me of "Wheel of Fortune!"

14:40 - Mark Stone unleashes his inner Condra and misses wide open net.

13:37 - Strange bounce or something. Turris puts puck in empty net. Strange jazz organ music plays.

1-0 Ottawa

7:37 - I see an advanced stats graph on Twitter. I analyze it for 6 minutes before concluding that I will never understand it.

6:33 - Jared Cowen goes for wraparound. Compensation for Neil's absence.

5:00 - Colin Greening gets in a fun filled fight. Good Newfoundland boy!

4:03 - Rich Clune boards Jared Cowen. Spezza drops the mitts. Nothing really happens.

3:01 - Mike Fisher slaps home a goal. I will never use the term "slap home a goal" ever again.

1-1 Tie

1:16 - Joe Corvo falls to the ice in front of Craig Anderson in post whistle scrum. CBC shows obligatory clip of local Nashville band.


20:00 to 19:00 - Dean Brown and Cassie Campbell discuss Nashville, country music and Tim Murray.

12:45 - Dean Brown mentions that many people from Ottawa ate dinner with Fisher and Carrie Underwood last night. Rumors suggest that the guests consisted of Bruce Garrioch and Don Brennan.

7:30 - Clip of Nashville fans doing strange things. Camera then shows Ottawa fans doing normal things.


4:30 - Turris gets wrecked by Ellis. Many calories move in Kyle Turris' body.

1:36 - Marc Methot takes Holding the Stick penalty


NAS - Craig Smith misses
OTT - Mika Zibanejad scores
NAS - David Legwand misses
OTT - Jason Spezza scores

2-1 Ottawa FINAL

See you next game and thanks for reading!

(definitely did not add this in to make my blog seem corporate)

Friday 27 December 2013

Senators at Bruins: Steve On Sens Preview

The Ottawa Senators visit TD Garden for the first time this season with multiple questions facing the streaky club. Will the defines be able to turn it around in the second half? Who will emerge as the number one goaltender? Where will the Senators end up at the end of the season? Why isn't Michael Del Zotto on the 2nd powerplay unit with Chris Phillips yet? Why is Chris Phillips on the 2nd powerplay unit? Did Joe Corvo get a tattoo of a mistletoe on his lower abdomen for Christmas? Why didn't Santa get me a Condra jersey? The Senators recognize that these questions exist and are hoping to answer them in the remaining games left in the 2013/14 season. The road to a wild card playoff spot starts tonight against the Bruins who have had success against Ottawa in the past few seasons. In their last meeting, the Sens were able to pull off an impressive win through some third period heroics by Jason Spezza, Jared Cowen and Bobby Ryan which prompted this great tweet by Euge
The Sens are hoping to prove that they are in fact the real deal and truly fearless tonight against the Bruins and my intro that lacked any real content is over. Time for the starting goalies!

Actual headline from 2012

Starting Goaltenders

Ottawa: Robin Lehner (5-8-3, 2.54 GAA, .926 SV%)
Boston: Tuuka Rask (19-8-2, 1.87 GAA, .936 SV%)

Lehner seems to play really well against Boston. Including tonight, 22% of his career starts have come against the Bruins.

Tuuka Rask's stats are incredible this season. He looks to continue his success tonight. My starting goalie section is very short tonight. My mom is cooking chili and I'm pretty excited and in a rush.

Keys To The Game

  • Play a strong defensive game
  • Win because I don't want to be harassed for the next 24 hours by my Bruins fan friend
  • Use the emotional return of Joe Corvo to their advantage
  • Strong start
  • Strong goaltending
  • Use the emotional return of Joe Corvo to their advantage

Steve's Picks

  • Final score of 3-2 for Ottawa
  • I get confused between Peter Chiarelli and Rick Chiarelli sometime tonight
  • Sportsnet panel consisting of debating the 2003 All-Star Game line combinations
  • Corvo scores 2

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

Friday 20 December 2013

Team Mullet vs. Team Nation: Steve On Sens Blogger Classic Preview

After years of build up and anticipation, December 20, 2013 is finally here! Andrei Markov's 35th birthday! Happy Birthday Andrei! In other news, the 1st Annual Sens Blogger Classic is here. Team Nation faces off against Team Mullet in what will be a battle of grit, determination, coaching, wit and dump ins. The lineups have been made, rivalries established and hatred brewing between the most aggressive bloggers for the Ottawa Senators. Let's take a look at the Starting Lineups!

Detailed map of where this fierce battle of bloggers will take place.

Starting Lineups

Team Mullet
Eric Doty (Bonk's Mullet)
Graeme Nichols (6th Sens)
Juby and Lonnie (Bonk's friends or something. One likes the Habs. Probably Lonnie. He sounds French.)
Steve (Steve On Sens) 
Kevin Lee (BringBackLee)
Canuck (Sens Call Ups)
Jo (JoNana...victim of my nude pics. Gonna be an awkward time)
Paul (Sens_Army_) 

Team Nation
Owen (SensNation)
Grabovskeet (another of Bonk's friends. Also a Leaf fan.)
Spencer Gallaghan (Senturion)
Lorne Geller (LGeller18)
Bobby Kelly (BobbyBKelly)
Howie (SensVlog)
Dave Young (DaveYoung19)
Pan (Sens Call Ups)
Creech (TSN 1200)
Peter Raaymakers (Silver Seven Sens)

Keys To The Game

  • Keep pants on for at least the whole first period
  • Sign Adnan as coach
  • Avoid Marc Methot
  • Move the puck. Team Mullet didn't have a morning skate.
  • Capitalize on chances
  • Use James Gordon as inspiration

Steve's Picks

  • Final score of 20-17 for Team Mullet
  • Attendance of 28 people (I would be very impressed with this.)
  • Adnan sneaks into group picture like Raj Binder
  • Bonk's Mullet is "that guy" who stays on the ice for the last 7 minutes
  • 3 Condra open net misses for me
Come out and watch tonight at 9 at Mlacak Arena in Kanata! My agent is only letting me sign autographs for 2 minutes post-game.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!